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Multiply this by all 152 million dead at the hands of atheists in the 20th and 21st century—a carnage which has yet to abate—makes the above claim perfectly worthless.

When I volunteered at Mother Teresa's street clinics in Calcutta, I never met an atheist doing the same work but I routinely met Catholics doing so.Considering this was the first cry of "public" atheism—as opposed to individuals who simply didn't believe in God throughout Christian history—atheists have yet to explain why "compassionate" and "rational" atheists' hands are so murderously bloody. If the above statement were true, it might make the atheist case unassailable.However, anyone who has read a newspaper at any time between the 17th and 21st centuries knows this to be untrue. I'm not sure that the person about to be executed by a Marxist or Maoist atheist is assuaged in the knowledge that his evil, merciless executioner isn't killing him doesn't believe in God.There has never been anyone who has ever given a crust of bread or a drop of water or a stitch of clothing to anyone in the name of atheism.(Richard Dawkins admits in his The God Delusion that it's "easier to herd cats than to get atheists to cooperate each other." This goes a long way in explaining why atheists refuse to cooperate with each other and form charitable concerns.

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