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Through the efforts of these two rivals and public temperament, mascara finally gained respectability and favor in American society.

Famous actresses of the classic cinema era, such as Theda Bara, Pola Negri, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, and Jean Harlow, depended heavily upon mascara for their glamorized appearances, which the average woman sought to mimic. Brown began experiencing severe symptoms of stinging and burning eyes. Brown’s eyes had developed ulcers which oozed and had swollen shut. Brown and fifteen other women and also caused the death of another.

The change in applicator led mascara to be even easier to use, and its popularity increased.

Mascara is now trending towards multi-functional usage with many mascaras including lash boosting serums, botanicals and pro-vitamin enriched formulas.

Following the fall of the Roman Empire, kohl fell into disuse on the European continent, where it had been considered solely a cosmetic; conversely, it continued to be widely used in the Middle East for religious purposes.

Makeup was considered unsightly and uncouth in Western culture until the Victorian era.

Kohl was used to mask the eyes, believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the soul, by both men and women.The Collins English Dictionary defines mascara as, "a cosmetic substance for darkening, lengthening, curling, coloring, and thickening the eyelashes, applied with a brush or rod." The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) adds that mascara is occasionally used on the eyebrows as well.The OED also references mascaro from works published in the late 15th century.Although still messy, it was a step towards the modern mascara product. This device picked up the same amount of mascara for each use.Then the grooved rod was altered to the brush similar to the ones used today.

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