Cost of building a dating site

That’s a good question and in fact dealing with your attrition (people leaving your site) is one of the greatest challenges that membership site owners face.Most people think that the key for success with a membership site is attracting members, but that’s not entirely true.Despite how good the model is, most people never get off their butts and actually launch a membership site, or if they do, their site fails because there’s a fatal flaw in their execution or strategy.I find it hypocritical that people can “teach” how to make money with a membership site never having actually done so themselves.Without proof, how can you really know about something?

This served me well as I had no desire to continue to produce new content forever, and my members then knew how long they would have to keep making payments before completing my training.Yes you do need to be good at marketing your site in order to fill it with members, but that’s only half the equation.It’s equally important to learn how to KEEP your members in your site.Even if you pay affiliates half, you’re still making between k and K a month.That’s a significant income stream and, if you decide to one day sell your membership site, you could potentially make as much as a million dollars.

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