Dating pregnancy after miscarriage

With my first, third, and fourth losses, my husband and I chose to bury the baby at our local Catholic cemetery.I had a D&C in all three of these cases, and we were able to obtain the baby’s remains from the hospital.Having a full bladder positions your uterus to get the best picture.Most of the time, ultrasounds do not have any side effects other than possible discomfort from having a full bladder.The technician will expose her abdomen, spread some imaging gel, and move a hand-held probe over her abdomen to get the pictures.

The following is my most recent experience with burying my miscarried child, specific to the state of Arizona, and advice for anyone going through the same thing. Tell every nurse who comes to your bedside for any purpose.The images from an ultrasound are typically black and white and grainy in quality.Sometimes, from a patient's perspective, it can be hard to tell what you're seeing, but the images provide valuable information to your doctor.If you are reading this article because you recently lost a baby via miscarriage, there are three things I want you to know: 1. My second loss was very early (5w6d) and happened late at night while I was in the emergency room.In our shock and grief, my husband and I didn’t think to try and save any discernible remains, and the baby, whom we named Chris, was so tiny at that point that we likely would not have been able to identify his/her body amid the blood and tissue.

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