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Continue reading below reviews As the largest online dating site in existence (15 million active members, and over 50,000 new ones added every day), and a slick, easy-to-use interface, Match has everything we could ask for in a dating service - including a 10-day free trial period.If you are new to Match, you can search their members for free.This offer is unmatched by any of their competition.With the huge membership base, ease of use, and low price, Match earns our highest rating.Match also offers an unprecedented 6-month guarantee.

If you want to do more, Match has a tiered membership.Finally, you write a description about yourself for potential matches to read.Upload your picture (highly recommended) and you are on your way to finding a match. The most utilized is the age, gender, and zip code search - but Match also offers searches by "Match Words", profile types, reverse matches (people who are looking for profiles like yours), mutual matches, and much more.It's important to take your time and answer the questions truthfully, as your compatible matches will be based on your responses.Questions range from self descriptions, personal interests, important qualities, relationship styles, family relationships and general information.

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If you want to take the next step and begin communicating with your matches, you purchase a membership.

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  1. This is why there are a of false positives in online dating. I have confided in my best female friend, who’s in a relationship. When I expressed the amount I get rejected, she was taken aback, and said “Women are silly – and that’s coming from a feminist”. I hear this a from people who believe that they’re the kings of compartmentalization, who believe that they have mastered the poker face and have so squeezed their negative attitude down that nobody ever sees it. This whole Harvey Weinstein thing has, rightly, exposed a gender inequality in which women frequently feel sexually endangered.