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Stasey said "I want to know that when I finish my exams and get my score, it is representative of my abilities, my exams start in November and I want to be able to give them my full concentration." Stasey left Star of the Sea College after landing the part of Rachel, but continued to study on a distance education programme.

She has not yet decided whether she will continue with her current arrangement or return to regular classes.

This was part of a program run by Panasonic, she appeared as herself, in a court room scene, stating that a certain "Jasminda Goupta" wasn't Australian.

Her evidence of this was that she, "she doesn't listen to Men At Work", "Watch Hamish and Andy" and "she doesn't even watch, Neighbours".

But Caitlin wasn't going to turn her back from her passion In Caitlins early years she played the role of Francesca "Frankie" Thomas which made a hit in both Australia, UK and Americas Nickelodeon TV.

She is related to and has relations who live in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Was attached to the film adaptation of Sega video game series Wonder Boy, helmed by Uwe Boll and written by Robin Morningstar, until Sega decided to leave the character for all intents and purposes dead.

Norwich is the city that boasts her favourite football team, known by fans as .

In 2009, Caitlin Stasey appeared in a short, 5 minute movie named "Many Australians One Nation".

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  2. Member: Democratic Party of Wisconsin (former 1st vice chr.); Milwaukee Boy Scouts (advisory bd.); NAACP; Urban League of Milwaukee; Girl Scouts of Milwaukee Area; Unity Caucus; Black and Latino Caucus; Milwaukee Community Justice Council; Governor’s Task Force on Minority Unemployment (co-chp.); Women’s Action For New Directions (Ed. mbr.); NCSL Women’s Legislative Network Bd.; Alpha Kappa Alpha (central region connection com.); Cancer Center Comm. Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women (ambassador).