Disable itunes stop updating podcasts

First, make sure that Delete Played Episodes is turned on. This will stop podcasts from automatically downloading, but new episodes will still be shown in My Podcasts for you to play over wifi or download them for offline listening by tapping on the download icon.

This will remove podcasts from your device 24 hours after you have listened to them.

I listen to them during my commute and while doing chores around the house.

They are a great form of entertainment for times when your hands and eyes are busy but your brain has nothing to do.

Update Expired Podcasts v2.0 (download link) is donationware, and is available for download at Doug's Applescripts for i Tunes site (link).

In general, I try to avoid Apple products when I can, but I do use and enjoy and i Pod Nano for podcasts.

If you chose the later, you can still play your podcasts, but you will have to download them manually if you want to listen to them offline. If you need to free up memory space but do not want to change how you are syncing your podcast episodes, you can manually delete episodes. Note: You can set a default for these settings across all your podcasts by going to Settings There are two memory-saving settings to be changed from this screen.Apple has a built-in Podcasts app that makes it easy to play podcasts on i Phone, i Pad, i Pod Touch, or Apple TV.One problem with subscribing to podcasts is that if you accumulate a large number of downloaded podcasts, they can start to take up some serious memory space.And being the rebel that I am -- using a two button mouse in 2001 while everyone else was still control-clicking -- this means that I will sometimes not listen to a podcast within these set parameters.In the past, i Tunes would keep me in check by forcing me to manually click on the exclamation mark next to each podcast to resume updating the podcast.

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