Do online dating sites do background checks

Have you done an online background check of yourself lately? There might be erroneous information about you floating around the Internet or in your credit report.

Maybe you'll find a picture of yourself or a comment you made years ago somewhere that's a little embarrassing.

In this day and age singles sometimes want to get a little more background information on someone whom they have been dating for a while now.

Whether they met offline or online with our fast and easy service you can find out what their financial position is as far as if they have ever had a bankruptcy, when, where, and if they were married when they did. Immediate reports on criminal history and marriage records.

Before meeting an online dating match offline, users should check out their date’s profile to see if they’ve had their photos or profile verified, as they can do on Zoosk or e Harmony.

This type feature asks users to submit their profile to be checked out and once they pass, they will receive a verification badge that will appear on their profile, indicating that they are who they claim to be.

While it’s never recommended that online daters prowl Facebook or Twitter to dig through their potential date’s online interactions, sometimes it’s a good idea to make sure that your match appears to have normal online social activity.

We provide you a fast and easy tool to prevent yourself from being victimized. Most people who use our service to run a background check on a someone you met online, use our service from that point forward on all their dates.

Immediate reports on criminal history, bankruptcy, and marriage records.

Singles using dating sites oftentimes do not want to rely on the word of a perfect stranger and let’s face it, with the fast and loose online dating safety laws; nobody is looking out for you!

Once you’ve signed up for an online dating site and found someone who you’d like to set up a date with offline, there are a few precautions you should take before you make any plans to meet up.

Safety should always come first when it comes to any online activity, and since online dating platforms have been known to be an easy place for scammers to find their prey or a platform for catfish to lure their next match, it’s in every online dater’s best interest to get as much insight to who their date is before they meet up.

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