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Status enabled older men, beginning in their 20s and 30s to act as mentor to a younger male who had not yet reached adulthood.

The relationship consisted of a standardized courtship ritual and the basic belief that male attraction to other men was typically considered to be a sign of masculinity.

By the fourth century, anxiety toward obviously pervasive same-sex unions reached a peak when the state passed a law promising punishment to anyone entering a same-sex marriage (Eskridge).

Western Religious Attitudes of Same-Sex Sexuality Biblical attitudes toward homosexuality are often reduced to strict condemnation based upon passages interpreted from the Old Testament Book of Genesis, though some scholars suggest that the description of same-sex relationships as “unnatural” only means “out of the ordinary” and not “immoral” (Pickett).

Historians of same-sex marriage take great care to place the modern debate over the legality of gay marriage into an historical framework.

The debate has taken on a sharply political dimension in recent years, a culmination of some 40 years of heightened tension surrounding the cultural question.

Classical antiquity in the Western world is frequently cited for examples of same-sex love and relationships, though separate concepts of homosexuality and heterosexuality did not exist in the same way as today.

Mixed-race relationships were considerably more offensive in the early tradition.

Some states disapproved of the rituals and relationships (Pickett).

The main considerations in same-sex relationships in early history were often love, beauty, and excellence of character rather than gender.

Female same-sex unions seemed to have been less common, but only because women enjoyed less freedom in their economic and social endeavors (Eskridge).

Over time, Rome experienced a similar trajectory as Greece between the early republic and the later empire, and negative attitude toward same-sex unions and non-procreative sexuality increased with the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire (Pickett).

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