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Does anyone have any good kids story books that they would recommend??

I am finding that I am getting increasingly frustrated by the amount of crap picture books that are on the market! we read 3 a night before bed - it's 'our' time, so she gets 1 or 2 new ones a week...

If she like longer stories, try the Wind in the WIllows. Big fan of Enid Blyton here too, don't forget the Famous Five!!

Cylie beat me too it - I was just about to suggest Roald Dahl as well. Cheers Kylie DH - Brian DS- Jack 11/05/00DS- Benjamin David 13/10/03 @ 35wks Now I am an advisor for an educational group, but I am going out of my way here to say that I have come across another company that sells these very meaningful books you may be after.

Heather - are you referring to The Little Red Engine?? Deborah(formerly user name deb lewis)DS Patrick 25/5/01DD Jessica 28/11/03 The cat in the Hat, The cat in the Hat comes back, Gerald Mc Boing boing, There's a WOcket in my Pocket, the Lorax, the Sleep book, these and a lot of other Dr Suess have been Sebastian's favourtites for a long time. Cheers Di Di van Dulken Mummy to Adara Madeline12/2/03Click here for pics Hairy Maclary is a huge hit here too, for all of us as it is easy to read.

It might be a boy thing, but he loves the silliness of the stories and the lovely rythym of the words. What about Possum Creek books, a bit out of your league I guess Jods, but good Australian rhyming stories. They are attached to schools, you should have the catalogues sent home with your kids, but again I am not much help to Jods as this is Australian too, maybe they have something similiar over there too?

, author off the top of my head)Traditional Fairy tales Enid Blyton books are also a huge hit in our house.

I bought a stack of classics for my son who is 6 (Faraway Tree series, Wishing Chair series etc), but Courtney loves them as well.

Shannon DH - Tom DS - Matthew C*ckatoos by Quentin Blake. Fear of Dark-Where the Fairies Fly -Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? To Be Different-Giraffe's Can't Dance Siblings-Big Brother, Little Brother (I have this one)SHaring-Not Fair, Won't Share Starting School/Security Blankets-The Red Woolen Blanket Separated Parents-Two Homes Busy Mum Loves All Her Kids-Koala Lou Too Old For A Dummy-The Last Noo-Noo Wild Child is Loved Anyway-Where the Wild Things ARe (have this one)Starting School-Millie Starts School Look, I could go on, more topics include fussy eating, bossiness, death, bedtime battles, nits, first lost tooth, new pet etc but if this is what you are meaning, plus some of the old classic books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more, then why not ring the company and get a catalogue sent out.Kim DD - Rebecca Jade18/07/01 Okay, not on the new baby bit but love Mem Fox's books and the Rainbow Fish.These are ones I've read at other peoples places and loved.I use to have a big book as a child that was full of many different children stories.. but then again it could have just been a rather large mix.. book with five fairy stories in it - 3 Billy Goats, Goldilocks, Gingernbread Man and a couple of others and loves it.Either way I still remember when I was little my mother reading from this massive book each night for me.. I've looked for similar but the only other ones I've found have too many words and not enough pics.

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