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After days of prevarication, in which he hinted he could walk out as Foreign Secretary, Mr Johnson finally dismissed the prospect of resigning last night - having apparently struck a deal with Mrs May. Boris Johnson, picture in a hotel lift in new York today, insisted he is not going to resign as Foreign Secretary as he said the Cabinet is united behind the PM over Brexit like a 'nest of singing birds' Columbia's President Juan Manuel Santos, left, shows a thumbs up and blanks Boris, right, from the handshake he attempts to initiate, as the past each other riding an escalator during the United Nations General Assembly His apparent climbdown came after reports that he was so unhappy about the Government's direction on Brexit that he could resign by the weekend.During a bizarre encounter with journalists in a New York hotel lift, Mr Johnson - who had just returned from a run and was drenched in sweat - was asked if he was going to quit.'No of course not, we are going to deliver a fantastic Brexit... According to the Financial Times, German officials have been told to expect Mrs May to make a financial offer for the first time since talks kicked off.It is unclear whether expected peace talks between Mr Johnson and Mrs May took place last night.They had been due to meet in the margins of a Commonwealth reception in New York – the first time they have spoken since he published an unauthorised 4,000-word essay on Britain's post-Brexit future last week.Mrs May is expected to suggest that the UK could keep paying in at roughly the same level as before during a transition deal.

The potential move - effectively going over the heads of Eurocrats like Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier to appeal to leaders of EU states - emerged after Boris Johnson dramatically pulled back from the brink of resignation last night.'He's the Foreign Secretary and the PM thinks he's doing a good job,' he said.Mrs May also backed him to stay in her Government, telling reporters that 'Boris is doing good work' heading the Foreign Office and adding that the Cabinet has 'one focus' over Brexit.UK officials are hopeful the proposal can move the negotiations to the next phase.But the EU might yet choose to play hardball, and insist that the sums must be topped up to cover other liabilities such as Eurocrat pensions.

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