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Eventually, the Ramlak snags the ship with its tentacles and tears it to pieces, forcing Lion-O to forget his obsession and save everyone from drowning.

Captain Tunar dies as he makes one final strike at Ramlak.

Grune has joined the Lizards and Panthro is being held hostage.

Lion-O comes to his father's aid, allowing Claudus to rescue Panthro.

After everyone is safe, Lion-O is devoured by Ramlak, but he cuts his way out with the Sword of Omens, releasing the stolen waters from its body.

With their home restored, the Fishmen bid the group farewell, and Lion-O accepts the twins into the group after seeing their capability in battle.

Determined to get revenge on Mumm-Ra, Lion-O sets out for the Sea of Sands with a reluctant Cheetara and Tygra.

Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra hold a funeral pyre for King Claudus, and Lion-O etches the Thundercats symbol into the broken statue of his father.

Panthro fatally wounds the king, then reveals himself to be Mumm-Ra (an ancient nemesis of the Thundercats) in disguise.

With his final words, Claudus admits he is proud of Lion-O, then he dies in his son's arms.

As the Lizards approach closer to the Thundercats, Lion-O wonders if they're fighting a losing battle.

When they see a small armada catching up to them, they hide in a thorn bush forest, where they meet the Petalars, who have lived in the forest since their ancestors were swept there by a powerful wind.

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