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A true woman is willing, serious, and determined to reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to her world.

She seeks to live a God-centered life, trusting Him and saying "Yes, Lord!

To examine this, we used mitochondrial (mt) DNA control region sequences to compare phylogeographical characteristics of two sympatric giant flying squirrel subspecies in Taiwan.

Taiwan has two giant flying squirrel subspecies: the red and white giant flying squirrel (, 1986).

Similarities of phylogeographical patterns are also observed in terrestrial rodents (, 2003) distributed in the grasslands of northern Eurasia.

Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.Dotted lines indicate the geographical definitions for phylogeographical tests.Total genomic DNA was extracted from 99% ethanol-preserved muscles by the phenol/chloroform method and suspended in Tris-EDTA (TE) buffer (Sambrook, Fritsch & Maniatis, 1989).Although we did not recognize major phylogroups, we found several minor phylogroups in both subspecies, suggesting similar evolutionary histories.Phylogeographical and demographic tests showed distributions of these two subspecies expanded into coniferous and mixed forests that developed during glaciation in Taiwan's lowlands and middle lands.

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