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During the war, hooch maids would often clean up after the soldiers in their dwellings.One soldier described the maids as being, "..Catholics who might flirt with you but would never date an American soldier." At a conference it 2011, a paper presented by Vietnam's Labor Ministry, said 9.3% of sex workers in the country were infected by HIV.The protagonist of the 1989 musical Miss Saigon is a Vietnamese prostitute named Kim.Echoing the plot of Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly, Kim falls in love with and is left pregnant by a client who is a white American soldier with a wife at home.Sex workers would feel safe calling the police to report instances of violence and abuse by clients, traffickers, and pimps to law enforcement officials." Prostitutes would congregate at bars where service members would frequent, and offer their services.Sometimes, the prostitutes and women who had intercourse would get pregnant.However it was considerably higher is some areas: Hanoi 20%, Ho Chi Minh City 16%, and Hai Phong 23%.

False advertising, debt bondage, passport confiscation, and threats of deportation are tactics commonly used to compel Vietnamese victims into servitude.Following complaints that Article 23.1 was in violation of the sex worker's rights, in June 2012 the "Law on Administrative Sanctions" ordered the release of all sex worker and replaced "re-education" with fine between of the equivalent of and 0.Kimberly Kay Hoang, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Chicago, who conducted a 2011 study of sex workers in Ho Chi Minh City is quoted as saying "Legalising prostitution would also reduce violence and sex crimes such as rape and sexual violence.Child sex tourists, reportedly from elsewhere in Asia, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States, exploit children in Vietnam.The Tale of Kiều is an 1820 poem describing the life of Thúy Kiều, a young woman who sacrifices herself to save her family.

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