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Nick raced to Matt's apartment, only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood.

The police arrested Nick, who thought Sharon did it.

When Sharon and Nick beat out Amy and Matt as queen and king of the high school senior Polynesian dance, Matt took revenge by telling Nick that his virginal Sharon had given up a baby for adoption when she was 16.

Nick didn't believe him, and they got into a bad fistfight, and both were injured.

Sharon and Nick were about to get married when Sharon admitted that Matt had raped her.When Cassie's true identity was revealed, Nick had a hard time accepting her.Sharon moved out, but their love for one another reunited them, and Nick began to love Cassie as his own. Grace used her secret sex with Nick to get a job as Nick's assistant at Newman, and renewed her attempt to steal Nick from Sharon.Mother and son fought, and Nick moved in with his father.Unlike Nikki, Victor adored Sharon, and even paid for an operation for her mother, which Doris could not afford.

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